Oberlin Makes a Difference

Celebrating the accomplishments and leadership of graduates of Oberlin High School

As part of the Oberlin City School District's focus on excellence, the “Oberlin Makes a Difference” Hall of Fame honors outstanding graduates of Oberlin High School. The honorees are recognized for demonstrating leadership in his or her field of occupation and study, and will become a member of the “Oberlin Makes a Difference” photo gallery to be hung in the halls of the High School. The honorees are trailblazers in their field, influencing their community and their significantly impacting their area of expertise, including medicine, science and health, the arts, literature, entertainment, business and finance, government and politics, education and humanities, sports, philanthropy, and the military.

    2013 Induction

    · November 26, 2013 ·

  1. Harriet Gibbs Marshall

    Harriet Gibbs Marshall

    · 1889 ·

    African-American Music Education Pioneer

  2. Audrey Hayden Gradle

    Audrey Hayden Gradle

    · 1909 ·

    Advocate, Social Worker

  3. Dr. Ross Gunn

    Dr. Ross Gunn

    · 1915 ·

    Scientist, Physicist, Inventor

  4. Diane Louise Harris Mahar

    Diane Louise Harris Mahar

    · 1971 ·

    Trooper and Police Officer

  5. Karen Merrill

    Karen Merrill

    · 1981 ·

    Professor, Author, Editor

  6. Hanh Disch-Le

    Hanh Disch-Le

    · 1982 ·

    Senior Executive, Attorney